My 5 favourite herbs to enhance your loaves


Rosemary is a favorite herb for many gardeners. A small amount of chopped leaves can be added to bread dough after kneading or you could sprinkle them over the top of your loaf  with a little sea salt just before baking.


Basil is readily available and you can add fresh or dried leaves to your dough. Basil complements garlic and sundried tomtoes really well. Sundried tomato and basil bread is a firm favourite. Sprinkle the top of the loaf with cheese and the bread tastes like pizza!


This biennial plant is grown for its seed. Caraway seeds can be used in pumpernickel bread and rye bread.


Fennel is a perennial that is easy to grow from seeds. The seeds are collected, dried, and used to flavour bread, biscuits and curries. It adds a nice mellow anise flavour to cooking.


Like caraway and fennel, dill plant is grown for its seeds. The seeds are used to flavour bread and biscuits. Finely ground, the seeds can also be whipped into butter (this freezes well and is great on fish or chicken).


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