The cost of a loaf of bread

I don’t know about you but the cost of bread seems to be constantly on an upward spiral. The cost of the average crusty white loaf in a UK supermarket is £1-1.20, in a local shop, £1.40, and in a local bakery it can be as much as £1.60!

I have calculated the cost of making your own bread at home, and the average cost, (including ingredients and gas/electricity) comes to a whopping 55p!

So it as AT LEAST half the coat of the cheapest supermarket loaf. The profit margins seem to be pretty high for bread as they would get much better prices for their flour because of the power of bulk buying.

Just one more reason to make your own.


2 thoughts on “The cost of a loaf of bread

  1. It’s crazy the cost of bread! If it makes you feel any better at all, a loaf of rustic bread here in Canada, that is similar to what you have in your blog pic costs us the equivalent of £3.58, or $5.75 CDN. Outrage! There’s nothing like homemade – for price and quality.

    • Wow £3.58 is just ridiculous! I’ve not been to Canada for nearly 20 years and back then it was a lot cheaper than the UK. How things change! But you are right, you just can’t beat homemade,and you can tweak it till your hearts content.
      This is one of the reasons I also grow my own veg – to get some of the old heritage varieties that you just can’t buy any more.

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