Bake your way through 2012!

Well here we are in 2012. I hope you all had a fantastic break and are ready to make 2012 YOUR year.

I have numerous projects up my sleeve for this year. I am writing several more information products, one of which will be a detailed guide to baking your own bread at home, so if you are at all interested in baking keep an eye out for it.

Did you bake a lot over the festive period? I certainly did. I baked some lovely pfeffernusse (which is a sweet German treat laced with traditional christmas spices) and a delicious christmas loaf. I shared both these recipes with readers of my newsletter so if you want to give them a go sign up here

I have been watching a lot of tv too!! I was watching a programme about France and was drooling over the boulangerie and it strikes me as strange that you just don’t see proper bakeries like this in the UK. We eat a lot of bread (probably too much!) but over here we seem content to pay for the insipid commercial loaves mass-produced in large plants and I cannot understand why! Perhaps it is the same in your countries. I bake a lot for family and friends and they ALL tell me that my bread is so much better. Perhaps I should open my own style of boulangerie in my village. Not a bad idea as the only “bakery” sells the same ubiquitous white tin loaf as the supermarket but at grossly inflated prices. Perhaps I will canvas opinion in my local community and if there is a niche, fill it!

I hope to give you more tips and recipes over the coming year so let’s make this a year to remember and if you haven’t done so before, try baking your own bread at home – just promise that you let me know how you get on…


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