Weekend baking is great!

Well today is Chinese New Year so: “Kung Hei Fat Choy and Xin Nian Kuai Le!”

I have had quite a productive weekend. I have been quite busy in the kitchen baking a variety of good things. I baked an apple and ginger pie for our Sunday lunch. Can you believe that it was the first apple pie I have ever made!!!! And it was sooooo good, the ginger really gave it a nice bit of heat. I also baked some delicious (and quite frankly huge) Yorkshire puddings to go with our roast beef. I would’ve taken a picture of them but they were so big I would’ve needed a wide-angle lens to fit them in!!

My favourite baking of the weekend still revolved around bread. I always bake some crusty rolls at the weekend but this time I also baked some ciabatta and we had some delicious Panini’s. I love ciabatta but it takes a good few hours from start to finish but is so worth it. This is a recipe which I will be putting in a future issue of my newsletter. Last weeks issue had a recipe for the classic French sweet bread Brioche. If you would like the recipe just sign up here and I will send you my FREE guide and this weeks issue.

Although my first love is bread I am getting more interested in pastry baking. I think it is the tactile part of making your own pastry that I enjoy and I just can’t resist a good pie whether it is sweet or savoury.

Before I go here is a picture of a couple of my ciabatta loaves.  



Have a great week…









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