Baking and the future!

Well I hope you all had a good weekend.

We baked a German friendship cake at the weekend. It is one of these cakes where you feed it for 7 days (a bit like producing a sourdough starter) with flour, sugar and water. After the 7 days are up you split it into equal quantities, keep one portion for yourself and pass the others on :). You then add apples and raisins to the cake mix and bake. It was quite nice, a cross between a fruit cake and a fruit bread – it looked like a sponge but had the smell of bread!

A colleague asked me about bread baking the other day with regards to gluten and kneading. I explained it to her and pointed her to my article post here. I think it does a good job in explaining the role gluten plays in the bread making process.

I have been evaluating my life lately. I have a good well paid job but I REALLY want to open up my own small family run bakery where everything is hand baked on site. There is a bakery already in my village but it is not a “real” bakery – the bread is baked off site and is the same boring white tin loaf you find everywhere.

My family is very supportive and I think they like the idea of us all working together but it is a big step to take and  the current financial climate makes it quite risky but it is what I want to do. Perhaps it is just a dream at this stage but you never know – watch this space!

I also write information products and ebooks as I love to help people. In fact I have pretty much finished my bread baking e-book. It is a step by step guide to baking bread at home, showing you how to be a successful home baker. If you would like to know more just put your name down here. I will be giving a few copies away to my newsletter subscribers before I release it so if you haven’t signed up to my newsletter you can do it here (and remember you get a free report).

Have any of you followed your dreams? I would love to know as I need some inspiration and maybe that gentle nudge to just do it. If I was a single person I wouldn’t hesitate but things get more complicated when you have a family!

I hope you have a great week and get baking.


3 thoughts on “Baking and the future!

  1. GOOD LUCK! Even tho the economy is tough, the public demand for fresh, “local” foods is growing. Perhaps try selling in a local farmer’s market for a month or two to gague demand and build a base?

  2. I have a very similar dream. Yes it’s a financial risk and you need to have all your ducks in a row but if you never do it, you may regret it. I am not ready yet…..but I am preparing myself for that leap!
    On another note, this bread sound like Amish bread. Do you feed the starter with a cup of flour, a cup of milk and a cup of sugar?!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement :). I am seriously considering this. You only live once and you might as well try working with something you love doing. The bread/cake is fed just with flour and water – much like a sourdough starter – and you add more sugar when you come to baking. The good thing is you can keep a bit back and start all over again till you run out of friends!! This week we are adding blueberries and raspberries.

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