Everyone loves a pie!

Hi folks,

For a change from the usual big slab of meat for Sunday lunch I decided to make a pie. The next quandary was 1 big pie or individual pies and the family decided that they wanted individual pies – I am sure this is to spite me as they know it involves a lot more work!

Saturday afternoon was spent slow cooking the pie filling (beef, mushroom, carrot and onion) over 4-5 hours until the meat was melt in the mouth.

This morning I made a batch of crumbly short crust pastry which I placed in the fridge for an hour before assembling the pies:

Pies - in the making!

The mushrooms were actually a last-minute addition for me and my wife so to distinguish the pies with the added dreaded fungus I added a little moniker!

Pies- ready for the oven

After 30 minutes in a moderate oven the delicious pastry pockets were ready; cue everyone scrambling for the roast potatoes which is obviously the best part of a Sunday lunch!

Pies - baked to perfection :)

What did you do for Sunday lunch and do you too love the PIE??


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