Free Book on Amazon Today

Hi folks,

Just a quick post to mention that my second book is on promotion on Amazon for the next 2 days:


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Home Baked Bread Kindle Cover 3a

So go and grab a copy today, and if you like it please leave a review.

Thanks everyone ūüôā


Coffee cake & pizza

Hi folks,

I have had a busy weekend, baking a lot for my kids. Weekends are great because you can take your time in the kitchen and get even better results.

I baked some pitta breads and cheese topped baguettes on Sunday. But the kids were more excited and impressed by Saturday’s efforts.

First of all I baked a lovely coffee cake.

Coffee & pecan cake

I didn’t have any walnuts so I used pecan nuts and they were delicious. And I was going to put marshmallows in the centre but had none of those either so used the sugar balls instead.

Coffee & pecan cake

Then I started on the main course. This was homemade pizza and garlic bread. I usually make 4 pizzas with the following toppings: cheese and tomato, chorizo/pepperoni, tuna and sweetcorn and chicken tikka. I also include some roasted vegetables too – normally on half the pizza so any veg averse people can avoid them!! I served these with freshly baked garlic bread and a nice dressed salad. Yummy!

My pizza selection

My garlic bread

What did you bake this weekend? I’d love you to share your efforts. Until next time…

My first book!!

Well folks I have actually written my first book. This has been a real labour of love for me and was sparked off by friends and family nagging me! So I took some time out, took loads of pictures and compiled what I think is a pretty good book showing you all the fundamentals required to bake great bread at home.

I have written it so that it will (hopefully) appeal to experienced bakers and novices alike.

I have published the book on Amazon kindle and will be branching out and selling on other platforms in the future.

To have a look: (UK readers click here)

                           (International readers click here)

Рand if you like it please free to buy it :P.

I would ask you all to please have a look at least and if anyone does borrow/buy it I would love some constructive feedback.

I am not a writer or salesperson, just a passionate baker who believes that good bread should be an important part of our lives and am trying in my own little way to do just that.

Use your loaf!

Right, enough about that. My next post will be about my “pimped” Victoria sponge. Till then…

Pitta bread

Well I’ve been doing an awful lot of sweet baking and cooking recently but my first love is still bread. And I have just baked up a batch of pitta breads. They are easy to do and relatively quick as you don’t need to leave them for a second rise.

The bread dough is a classic dough. I made wholemeal pittas so my dough consisted of:

500g strong wholemeal flour

10g salt

5g yeast

300g warm water


Proceed as you would with a normal bread dough i.e. mix all the ingredients together and knead for 5-10 minutes to develop the gluten. Then leave to rise in a warm draught free place for about an hour. Put the oven on its highest setting 20 minutes before the end of the rise and place a baking stone or heavy baking tray in the oven to get hot.

After the dough has doubled in size knock it back and divide into equal portions and shape into balls – I normally use 70g portions so I can get 12 pittas from this batch.

Roll the balls out on both sides till you get the size of pitta you want.

Once they are rolled out, placed them on the baking stone/tray and bake for 2-3 minutes on each side – they will normally puff up and balloon slightly. Then remove from the oven and leave to cool.

I love to eat these with spicy chicken, grated cheese, salad leaves and greek yoghurt spiked with mint. Sprinkle on a little smoked paprika, cumin and fresh chilli and tuck in. Yummy!!

These are so light and a million miles away from the dry rubbish you get in the supermarkets. Believe me, when you have tried these you will never go back.

They are also great for freezing so bake a batch have one for lunch/dinner and freeze the rest. You will not be disappointed.

Perfect pittas!